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There's more
than one 'i'
in tiim.

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We create team
building experiences
tailormade for you.

Us human beings, we are social creatures. We thrive as a group, as a pack, as a team. Now, more than ever, is a time to reconnect and to revive that bond.

For company teams, sport clubs, friends or families, we bring an experience to get to know or rediscover each other. And also just really have a great time together! You'll tap into your group's skills and collaborate to pass all challenges.

Starting from 6 participants we handcraft a personalised 1 to 3 day package. Physical challenges to brain games; it's all possible!

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A personalised approach from start to finish.

As not every group is the same, our process starts with getting to know you, what you're looking for and what would make your experience with us absolutely smashing great.

Then we go to work, get the creative juices flowing to make it all exciting, challenging, uniting, surprising, rewarding,...You know, high fives and bear hugs all around.

Crack the code & complete the challenges together.

Our packages are filled with exciting challenges, ranging from testing physical strength and endurance to brain teasers including our signature strategy game Run Mole Run.

The games will test your fitness, knowledge, creativity, ingenuity, cooperation and leadership. A great bonding experience bringing you together, with laugh-out-loud moments to never forget.

Scroll down to check out some of our most popular choices. We're more than happy to build a custom package to suit any needs. Get in touch to discuss further.

Run Mole Run challenge by tiim

Run Mole Run

Our signature game based on the popular TV series (we'll give you three guesses), but with our personal twist to it.

Is everyone really who they say they are? Who can you trust? Is someone manipulating the whole situation? Now's the time for your inner Sherlock Holmes to shine.

Figure it out and win the game.

The Smartest Human by tiim

The People Person

How well do you know your team / friends / family and what do you know about each other?

Through intensive research, questionnaires for all team members, secret detectives and wiretapping your phone (just kidding), we create a personalised quiz. You'll hear some crazy stories, but who's is it?

Enduro Challenge by tiim

The Enduro Challenge

Obstacle courses, the core of any outdoor team building day. This is where your unity is tested: will you push through for a quick solo victory or stand by your squad and cross the line together.

Some love from our clients.

Best team building experience ever. Clever, challenging and so much fun. Our team are still talking about it weeks after. Highly recommended!
Sam Kerkhofs - CEO Sporthouse group, Vilvoorde
A great way to spend a weekend with our family. Tiim provided something for everyone. Even the grandparents really enjoyed the quiz parts of the package.
Familie Banck, Gent
What a fantastic time with the guys, tiim recommended a package which was spot on for my group of friends. Really enjoyed by everyone, absolutely epic.
Vincent Leneuze, Liege

Meet the tiim.

We're called tiim for a reason and what better squad than a band of brothers
(real ones, like from the same mother).

Our strengths and experiences added together, make for a rather tasty combination to provide you an unforgettable time with us.


The unicorn, but without the corn then. The brains behind and in front of the operation, the games, the fun. You'll get to meet him in person, I know, crazy isn't it. Some say however, you might never be the same again after...


The stealthy silent force, assisting behind the scenes. Is he there? Is he not? Who knows... (queue mysterious music). With a background in audio and video production, he makes sure to give the experiences that extra layer of exciting goodness.


Roooooob the Builder... sorry, we couldn't resist. Rob's literally the man on site building stuff, Mr. Infrastructure. Making our experiences look sturdy, whether it's the physical challenges ready to take a battering to the areas to chill when you're having a well deserved break.


Mr Logistics n catering, making sure everything is in place for our wonderful participants. Although most experiences happen in the great outdoors, we'll swap the do-it-yourself cricket n ants kebab lunch for something more sensible (for now), and have Tim to provide whatever you need on the day.